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I'm a  professional face painter from Burton On Trent. I've been painting for over ten years, only ever on an adhoc basis as I was a full time carer for my elderly Mother whilst raising a family.

Sadly, my Mum passed away quite suddenly in October 2016. At the time I totally overwhelmed with grief. I'd not only lost a Mum but my best friend. I sought solace in Painting and by 2017 I felt strong enough to enter the world of Face Painting full time. 

It was a huge revelation! Face Painting has moved on so much since the days of a spotty dalmatians and  blurry tigers. It's now a fast paced industry, ever changing; with new products and ideas. I suddenly had to up my game if I wanted to offer this 'Professionally'. 

I've worked hard to create unique designs, studying different products, moving over onto biodegradable glitter and making sure I was using the correct techniques when applying.  Cleanliness needs to be spot on. I only ever use one sponge per child, to avoid any contamination and am constantly changing my water, washing my brushes and keeping my kit clean. 

My Set Up


I offer two popular 'set ups'. 

Outdoor and Indoor. 

My indoor setup is usually what we offer for private parties or smaller events. I always bring my own chair and table to work from, so require a space of roughly 2 metres by 2 metres. I am happy to lay down a dust sheet or something similar if needs be. Please mention this when making your appointment.

My outdoor setup is popular for larger events, such as charity events, festivals and outdoor parties, such as weddings and BBQs.

I provide my own table and chair. I will also at extra cost provide my own gazebo.  The reason for this is I have to arrive at least 40-60 mins before the event to erect the gazebo. 

I am happy to use any shelter you can provide as long as it keeps me dry and in shade and is already up when I arrive. 

How Much?


I charge £40 per hour.

'But, it's only face paint!'

All of the products I use are of the highest quality and suitable for use on the face.  

Gone are the days where we use a little Snazaroo and a few brushes. Face painting is a fast paced, ever changing industry .

I guarantee you, the face painting you experienced when you were younger is a distant memory to what we offer now. 

Not only are my designs unique and of high quality I can paint them at a fast pace, keeping waiting times to a minimum. 

I see so many people charging £20 per hour, or even per party, but when I look closer I can clearly see they're using craft glitter, which is a huge 'No No' in our industry.  Craft glitter is made up of metal particles, if that was to get into a child's eye, at best it would scratch a cornea, worst it would cause blindness.

My cleaning routine whilst working is now habit. I use one sponge per child and wash and sanitize my brushes at regular intervals. I keep my kit clean and neat whilst on the job.

The kit I currently use is valued at around £2,000, so you really are getting the highest quality for your money


I understand that every party is different, please message if you have any concerns or questions. I will always try to accomodate our clients and am happy to work to any theme you may have.

Baby Bump Painting

Maternity Painting AKA Baby Bump Painting

Popular in The US, this has begun to take the UK by storm! A great way to celebrate your pregnancy and become a living breathing canvas for a unique piece of art!

We recommend the actual painting takes pace in the third trimester, when the bump is at it's roundest. This is the best type of canvas to paint. 

It is perfectly safe for both Mum to be and baby. But if in doubt please contact your midwife or doctor. 

It's a fun thing to have at a baby shower or even in the comfort of your own home. We always take mum to be's comfort seriously and it is our first concern. Hence why it's a flat rate. If you need a few toilet breaks, or baby becomes particularly active we can stop. If you need to stretch your legs, or pause, we will.  It's not just about the finished product, but the overall special and unique experience. 


Quality Service

BEWARE...... Cheap isn't always good........

I've been experimenting with facepaint for over 10 years . I've spent hours researching and sourcing the best possible products. I've spent hundreds of pounds on brushes and glitters. I've bought cheap, believing I was getting a bargain.......... only to find out the old saying was actually pretty spot on........ "You do buy cheap, you buy twice". I've reached out to the best in my industry to double check my information. I've spoken to manufacturers when a client needs clarification on ingredients. 

You don't become a professional over night. I didn't just launch a Facebook page and jumped right in. There was A LOT to learn. The actual painting itself; which when done correctly looks so effortless.......... It isn't believe me! It takes hundreds of hours of practice to get to that stage.  The actual business side, we're talking numbers, advertising, actually running a business...... It's not all glitter and painting fun! There is a hell of alot of hard work done  before I even get to your party. Invoices to fill out, products to order, bling to make to loading the car........ All done before I've even shook your hand. 

That's why my price is my price. It is a professional's price, not a hobbyists........ 

I'm not silly. I do know there are artists out there who may be charging less than me. They will probably have a very good reason for that. Perhaps they have just launched their business. Maybe they can only paint 5 children in the time I can paint 15? Maybe they are still perfecting their designs. It's similar to a hair salon in that respect. If you can spare the time, it may be prudent for you to use the understudy or apprentice. You pay alittle less but have to sit alittle longer.  If you want a fast, efficient service with beautiful designs then you will pay a professional's rate. Same with the salon, you want a top notch cut, done quickly with no mistakes, you ask for the top stylist.

If you do find a painter who you'd like to use, don't be shy. Ask the questions that you need to ask. Keep your children safe. If they are cheap, they'll be a reason......... These are some questions you need to ask before committing.

1, Insurance. 

You've found someone willing to paint for £20. Great. Are they insured? If someone has a reaction or is accidentally poked in the eye with the paint brush who is liable?  It's not worth losing your house over a few pounds!

2, Quality Products

Are they using the correct products? I've recently come across a trend, where people are using ACRYLIC PAINT on the face! This is crazy. It's toxic and not suitable for the face at all. Removal is horrendous and it's just plain silly in my opinion. Just ask the question before you book.

3, Cosmetic Grade Glitter

Any glitter being used on your children should be cosmetic grade. By that I mean suitable for the face! It's an easy mistake to make, especially those who have just begun to face paint. Many suppliers will label their product as 'for cosmetic use'. This does not mean it's a product OK for the face. Many suppliers actually mean OK for the nails.  These types of glitter are made with sharp edges and are metal. If this was to get into an eye....... My glitters are biodegradable and safe for the face. I fix them to the face using a water soluble adhesive, safe for the skin. I've come across individuals using vaseline, even chap stick to fix to the face. The glitter will sit on top of the product, but it never dries, so that glitter can then be smeared into the eye.

4, Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are a great alternative to face painting, especially on those 'too cool' to be painted! Remember though, a glitter tattoo uses a very strong adhesive, which lasts up to 5 days. Never EVER allow someone to apply a glitter tattoo to your child's face. NEVER. I've seen cases where layer upon layer of skin has been pulled and scrawped away trying to 'remove'.

I hope I've helped in some small way. My intention is only to educate and help guide you, not to scare and worry. If I do not have the availability you are looking for I am happy to guide you to a small group of local painters who I am confident have the same high standards I do. 



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